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What can Exquisite Glass do for you?

Door Styles


All styles of doors are available framed to frame less and steamer doors to handicap.  Without the BIG Company mark-ups.

Door Styles:

All of our doors are custom measured to fit your specific needs.

Custom Enclosure - an enclosure that requires specially cut glass and framework

We Offer the following styles:


  • Neo-Angle

  • Bypass/Slider Door

  • In-Line Doors

  • Pivot Doors

  • Fixed Panel - the glass panels of an enclosure do not move

  • Framed - a bath enclosure system that mounts all glass in a metal frame

  • Frameless - a bath enclosure system that minimizes the amount of     

    metal used to hold the system panels and door in place

  •  Heavy Glass - Glass used in many European-style frameless enclosures. 

    • Usually 3/8-inch or 1/2-inch in thickness

  • French Styled Doors

  • Etched Glass- Glass that has has a pattern cut into its surface, usually by sandblasting.  Designs can include - sport team logos, palm trees, animals, names, scenery, etc.


Protective Coating

Glass Types

All types of glass are available:


  • Clear Glass

  • Obscure

  • Frosted

  • Rain

  • Satin Etched

  • Grey Glass

  • Mountain Top

Other Glass Styles might be available via special order.


Hardware Styles   


All hardware colors are available.

  • Silver/Chrome

  • Brushed Nickel

  • Satin Silver

  • Gold

  • Oil Rubbed Bronze

  • White

  • Black 

  • asl

Protective Coatings



Water shield - $150.00 has a 3 year warranty.  This protective coating can be reapplied 

EC10 - Prices start at $200.00 - depends on Square footage of glass and has up to a 10 warranty


shower guard - price starts at $300.00 - depends on square footage of glass and has a life time warranty.

this coating is baked right into the surface of the glass.

These coatings will help minimize Etching and Staining from Hard Water, Lime Scaling, Soap Scum and helps keep the glass looking newer longer.  They both reduce cleaning time by up to 90%.


Etched , sandblasted


Non-permanent designs

Other Glass Services

We also offer the following glass services:


  • Kitchens

  • Bar Area Glass

  • Glass Shelving

  • Glass Cabinet Doors

  • Home Office Doors

  • Glass Pantry Doors

  • Glass Wine Cellar Doors

  • Glass Room Dividers

  • Exterior Glass

  • Fireplace Glass

  • Other Glass Services Upon Request

Exquisite glass  is the only company to offer both permanent and non-permanent designs.

see our etched glass page to check out some possibilities.

Any design can be made permanent or non-permanent

pictures are samples of what can be done not all scorpion pictures

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